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The Solution

Did you know that unlike professionals such as a doctor, beautician, or mechanic - a jewelry appraiser or jeweler is not required to have any specific licensing or certifications for appraising?

Yes, there are educational opportunities and accreditations for jewelry appraisers and jewelers in gemology as well as appraising, but incredibly there are no industry standards or requirements.

Appraisals are provided to owners, and subsequently given to insurance companies every day that do not properly describe or value the article, leaving both the owner and insurer exposed. 

So, how is it possible that consumers and insurers can be assured the appraisals represent complete descriptions and reasonable values?

i-Val was developed for that purpose, by a third generation jeweler and GIA Graduate Gemologist whose 30 year career has focused on appraising and insurance replacement.

i-Val was created due to the frustration with the lack of consistency, transparency, and standardization in appraising, and estimating costs for insurance replacements.

Jewelry owners benefit from enhanced communication and standardization for insuring, as well as in the event of a loss.  The insurance industry desires better and more specific information to ensure customer satisfaction, create more efficiency in the process, and reduce fraud in the system.

i-Val automates the existing manual process to expedite and support the best industry practices and methodology to provide a unified view into real time values.  i-Val creates a level of transparency to everyone including the designer, jeweler, appraiser, insurance carrier, and the owner.

Whether you are a consumer, jewelry industry expert, or insurer, please read the relevant section(s) to learn more about the value of i-Val.

i-Val - bringing it all together through consistency, transparency, and communication.