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As an Insurance Professional, how do you know you have a good jewelry appraisal?

Did you know there is little standardization in the jewelry industry,and there is no required licensing or certification for appraising?
What can happen if appraisals do not have adequate descriptions, or adequate values?
i-Val for the Insurance Industry helps agents, underwriters, and adjustors navigate through the business of insuring jewelry by making sure appraisals are complete, and values are reasonable and current.
i-Val can help an insurance company solve a problem you may not even know you have.  It's a problem that may result in premium leakage, overpayment of claims, and unhappy insureds.

Standard - Consistent - Transparent - and, it's Paperless!

Just a Click Away 

30 Day Free Trial - No Contracts - Try i-Val Today!
Use our Contact Us for the Free Trial and/or Schedule a Free Demo

Agents - Maintain and increase your book of business by providing even better service and protection for your clients with i-Val

  • Going the extra mile for your insured's

  • Screen their appraisals for adequate descriptions

  • Screen their appraisals for adequate values

  • Check periodically to make sure they have adequate coverage

                                                                 - to make sure they are protected

How do you know you are accepting a good document for scheduling?

  • Factoring the risk in your premium never takes into account inadequate information and/or values.

  • i-Val for Underwriters allows screening of appraisals prior to scheduling as well as periodic checks to assure proper premiums are being collected.

  • Reduce premium leakage 

  • Check schedules periodically to stay current with real jewelry market trends 

  • Reduce claims exposure

      Protect your insureds, and your company

Adjustors - You don't know if it's a good appraisal until you have to process a claim.

  • i-Val for Claims Adjustors provides a current replacement price quickly and easily as well as reducing fraud.

  • Obtain current replacement costs quickly and easily

  • Compare estimates with other resources

  • Reduce Division of Insurance (DOI) regulatory issues



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