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    The I-Val Color Helper cues the customary colors by gemstone material for hue, tone, and saturation.
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    Real Time Spot Metal Prices
    Valuations in i-Val are multi-currency based on daily gold, silver, and platinum prices

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Working together to make our jewelry industry even better through improved tools, appraisals, and communication!


i-Val the Tool calculates and values metals, labor, white diamonds, over 100 colored gemstones, opals, and pearls.

i-Val the Registry
allows “in the cloud” registration of certificates of sale, appraisals, and certificates of authenticity for quick, easy, and secure electronic transmittal of documents and updates with one click.

30 Day Free Trial - No Contracts - Try i-Val Today!
Use our Contact Us for the Free Trial and/or Schedule a Free Demo

Jewelry Retailers, differentiate your company from your competitor’s with i-Val by offering enhanced point of sale certificates and complete appraisals.

  • Attract New Clients
  • Generate New Sales With No Inventory Costs
  • Increase Existing Sales by Adding an Appraisal to the sale or repair
  • Create Added Value and Maintain Client Loyalty
  • Inspections offered with appraisals often identifies needed Repairs
  • Future Revenues from Appraisal Updates - Customarily Every Three Years
  • Potential Sales from free participation in the Insurance Replacement Network

What Makes i-Val Unique for Appraisers?  
  • It's in the cloud so no more downloads and pricing is updated daily
  • Access 24/7 from any device
  • Secure, quick and easy electronic transmittal of documents
  • No printing, no mailing, no binding
  • Calculates weights quickly including adjustments
  • Provides estimated values of Wholesale, Insurance Replacement and suggested Appraisal range
  • Highlighted cues for typical hue, tone and saturation of colored gemstones
  • Color Helper for comparison in color grading (calibration of monitors required)
  • USPAP, ASA, ISA and NAJA Compliant options
  • AGS and GIA Grading
  • Calculates GIA cut grade automatically
  • Attaches linked Laboratory Reports automatically to your PDF
  • Assemble documents with hundreds of articles with clickable links to each article
  • Filter and sort for easy display by article and in descending order of value etc.
  • Photos, plotting, even videos
  • Contribute to our Comps Pool
  • Maintains client's history
  • Provenance of an item
  • Updates with one click
  • Online Support

i-Val for Jewelry Designers and Wholesalers

  • Protect, expand, and promote your unique brand, through Certificates of Authenticity through i-Val.
  • Provide additional value to Jewelry Owners, by providing them with a registered document that accompanies their article when purchased at a Retail Jeweler.
  • Or, if you have provided the mounting design only, the Retailer may provide a Certificate of Sale or Appraisal through i-Val including your Certificate of Authenticity by embedding your link within the appraisal.


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